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Welcome to SportsYou, our communication platform that allows coaches to communicate important information with athletes and parents.

Anyone interested in trying out for a team should sign-up for that team's SportsYou account. The team's SportsYou page will be the best source of specific information about tryouts and season activities. Please note that every team has its own SportsYou account at each level. If your child is unsure of which level they will be participating at, they should sign-up for each of the accounts that they are interested in (you may remove yourself from any of the accounts following try-outs).

New Users

  1. Go to from your phone or computer
  2. Click the "Sign Up With Code" in the top-right corner and enter the corresponding SportsYou Code found below
  3. Follow the steps to setup your account

Existing Users

  1. Click the "Join Team/Group" in the left navigation window
Cheerleading - Fall Varsity 2WHJP7SK
Cross Country Modified (Bell) AHAJL92U
Cross Country Modified (SB) GE9KBU3N
Cross Country Varsity T95XJCT8
Field Hockey Modified SSXLQM7D
Field Hockey Varsity 4JR5U8KD
Football Varsity L2ADC9QZ
Football JV YT8FDH35
Football Modified FDZ7SETG
Soccer - Boys JV 8RWE4XU4
Soccer - Boys JV(B) 6U39C4E3
Soccer - Boys Varsity 8PJDYEN2
Soccer - Girls Varsity 3VHQ9RDW
Soccer - Girls JV(A) WU2YA2EB
Soccer - Girls JV(B) 3UDH2YF7
Swimming & Diving - Girls Varsity C9J4YHG4
Tennis - Girls JV(B) PYM5K57R
Tennis - Girls JV(A) 6VLQGVYR
Tennis - Girls Varsity 2S9XRCAS
Volleyball Modified (Bell) MMELMA95
Volleyball Modified (SB) MNPTP6KW
Volleyball JV(A) C4H7S2PM
Volleyball JV(B) C4H7S2PM
Volleyball Varsity C4H7S2PM
WINTER Sport Level SportsYou Code
Basketball - Boys Freshman GBH7-D2W2
Basketball - Boys JV CQ7K-3SWZ
Basketball - Boys Varsity M42WJ2CA
Basketball - Girls Varsity 25G6YDXN
Basketball - Girls JV P456-RN9N
Bowling Varsity NBUSB3DU
Cheerleading - Winter Varsity 2WHJ-P7SK
Ice Hockey Varsity 6JHPVZLN
Indoor T&F Modified (Bell) AHAJL92U
Indoor T&F Modified (7B) MPCXULVN
Indoor T&F Varsity U8KB-F6LH
Skiing Varsity S26CTNJZ
Swimming - Boys Varsity 8D2C258K
Wrestling Varsity KGEUZXG5
SPRING Sport Level SportsYou Code
Baseball Varsity 94PS3XYU
Baseball JV AQ689CSK
Baseball Freshman Z33J3QFG
Baseball Modified 5X63XE9E
Boys Lacrosse Varsity 27MNRCMM
Boys Lacrosse JV G8BPHKQT
Boys Lacrosse Modified (Bell) D5QSBRJM
Boys Tennis Varsity L57AQ5D8
Boys Tennis JV(A) 7TE87576
Boys Tennis JV(B) KVE7RS7J
Girls Lacrosse Varsity 4XQHXLX3
Girls Lacrosse JV BF6CR2RG
Girls Lacrosse Modified L8ZAQ38M
Softball Varsity ULUWMCVP
Softball Modified KU5E9AGH
Golf Varsity QWQBZYPS
Track & Field Varsity WMPL2N7U
Track & Field Modified (Bell) AHAJL92U
Track & Field Modified (7B) MPCXULVN